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J. R. Tucker High School 

Band and Orchestra


Band Director: 

Assistant Band Director: 

Drumline Instructor: 

Color Guard Instructors:


Twirler Coach: 

Austin Frank

Sophie Harrison

Vic Bennett

Suzanne Jenkins

Lilly Morris

Pam Park

Student Leadership

Drum Major: 

Brass Captain: 

High Brass Section Leader: 

Low Brass Section Leader: 

Woodwind Section Leaders:


Percussion Section Leader: 

Color Guard Captain: 

Twirler Captain: 

Spirit Captains:


Equipment Managers:


Kamal Mahmoud

Harish Krishnakumar

Luke Daszi

Lizzie Weir

Natalie Sherlock

Lucas Warren

Reece VanHimbergen

Icarus Norris

Melissa Murphy

Kaylee Davis

Kalani Remley

Cameron Newcomb

Luke Stearns