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J. R. Tucker High School 

Band and Orchestra


Welcome Alumni & Supporters!

If you have memorabilia from JR Tucker High School Band you'd like included in our archives, please feel free to contact the Website administrator .

Alumni are invited to join our Facebook page to receive communications about band-related alumni events and other opportunities to support the J.R. Tucker High School Band. You can also follow the group on Instagram and Twitter.  Social media links are located at the bottom right of each page.

Band Directors

Our current band director is Mr. Austin Frank who came to Tucker in August 2018.

2010 - 2018: Frank Sampson

1989 - 2010: Allen Hall

1983 - 1988: Frank Chlorie

1982 - 1983: Jack Menard

1981 - 1982: Joe Seacrest

1977 - 1981: Tom Shook

1976 - 1977: Carl Bly

Richard Their

Please help us fill in the blanks!

Fall Shows

1976: Chicago

1977: Elton John

1981: Aristophonic Wasp, Fantasy, Morning Glow

1983: Firebird

1991: Fantasia

1992: Bohemian Rhapsody

1993: Changes w/music from the band Yes

1994: Send in the Clowns / Circus

1995: Racing

1996: Cartoon

1997: Alien / Outer Space

1997: Looney Tunes

1998: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

1999: Godzilla Eats Las Vegas

2000: The Beatles

2001: West Side Story

2002: Carmen

2003: Charlie Brown

2004: Cirque du Soleil

2005: Little Shop of Horrors

2006: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

2007: KISS

2008: Sesame Street

2009: Tommy

2010: Bases Loaded!

2011: Conspiracy Theory

2012: City of Lights: Journey through Paris

2013: Sail!

2014: Pyramids of Egypt

2015: Shades of Red

2016: Elton John

2017: Super Heroes

2018: Celtic Fire

2019: Requiem

2020:  No marching season due to Covid restrictions

2021:  TBA